The Band Saw Vs. Table Saw Debate

A common question from those new to the woodworking game is whether to invest in a band saw or a table saw. The band saw vs. table saw debate is a tricky one, however, as it comes down to a range of different factors to decide. The material you’re working with will determine what tool is right … Read more

The Best Band Saw Accessories For Your Machine

Best Band Saw Accessories for Your Machine

Band saws are a fairly simple machine with a few important parts, so it makes sense that the market for additional band saw accessories is a large one. These versatile machines cut everything from metal to meat, so they need to be varied in how they get the job done. There is a range of band saw accessories designed the … Read more

What You Should Know About Vertical Band Saws

About Vertical Band Saws

When it comes to trades such as carpentry and general woodworking, the right tools and machines make all the difference. Chisels, drills, and sanders are all commonly used, but saws may be the most important. There are numerous saws to choose from, each serving a different purpose — circular blade saws and hand saws are just a few … Read more

WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw Review

WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw Review

The WEN 10-Inch 2 Speed Band Saw is one of the most powerful units on the market today. Its 3.5-amp motor makes it a serious contender in the band saw category, and with a 9 ¾ inch throat, it’s capable of performing cuts up to six inches deep. With two operation speeds of either 1520 or 2620 FPM, it can … Read more

Best Your Guide To Horizontal Band Saws

Guide to Horizontal Band Saws

Horizontal band saws are a popular tool in most machine shops, used mainly for their ability to workpieces of stock to size and perform straight cuts. Their strength of blade and design allows them to work with most types of heavy duty material, including metal, wood, and pipe. These machines are operated with the use of hydraulics which controls it. Using … Read more

Best Bandsaw Under 500 – Perfect For Work

best bandsaw under 500

When versatility matters, you want to stick with the bandsaw. This power tool cuts irregular shapes, rips, and resaw lumber into thinner slabs and delivers smoother cuts. Also, it can cut other materials such as metal, glass, etc. Since you’re here, then it means you already know nothing beats this power tool for resawing, crosscutting, … Read more

4 Tips For Cutting Curves On A Band Saw

Cutting Curves On A Band Saw

A quality band saw can offer woodworkers access to so many tools in one. Band saws are often looked over when performing the more complex curves and lines, but they needn’t be any longer. The general rule of thumb is that the narrower the blade, the tighter the cut you can perform, so you might be tempted to go out … Read more

3 Creative Uses For Your Band Saw

Creative Uses for Your Band Saw

Band saws are the ideal tool for creating a range of amazing and versatile gifts, décor, and furniture. No matter your level of skill, there’s a creative way to put your band saw to use and hone your woodworking skills a little more.s We’ve listed just a few project ideas that you can make with just your band saw and not … Read more

How to Choose The Best Budget Bandsaw for Your Needs

Best Budget Bandsaw

Bandsawing is a woodworking tool used to cut straight lines and curves in wood. It is one of the most common woodworking tools used for various projects like cutting cross-grain or rip-cuts. If you’re considering starting woodworking, you’ll need to get a bandsaw. But which band saw should you buy? And how do you choose … Read more

The Different Types Of Band Saws

the Different Types of Band Saws

Band saws come in many different shapes and sizes, each with its unique selling points and purpose. According to Popular Woodworking Magazine, the band saw is regarded as one of the most versatile power tools on the market, renowned for its ability to cut through just about any material. However, it is not often the first machine purchased for … Read more