10 Best Bandsaw Blade For Resawing in 2023

Why saw the same wood over again? The act where you divide the broadness of a piece of wood between making a slimmer slab is called resawing. Some resaw using the manual tool while others use electric tools. We recommend the use of bandsaws. Find the Best Bandsaw Blade For Resawing, and you are sorted.

Wood, lumber, and metalwork projects have arisen through the introduction of bandsaws. Have you ever thought how awesome it could be if you save wood in your project? Bandsaws are powerful machines that help you save wood and reduce the resawing cost for you.

Best Bandsaw Blade For Resawing – Review

1. Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Are you looking for a long-lasting bandsaw blade? Well, we have the best option for you. The Timber wolf bandsaw blade is made with high silicon steel with low carbide. This component makes it the perfect bandsaw blade for resawing as well as a durable blade. Its eligibility and flexibility under high pressure are remarkable. Its kerf is narrow to about 0.025 inches. This makes the blade excellent to cut quickly, even with less powerful saws.

Timber wolf bandsaw blade is one of the most powerful blades. Its performance is excellent. Enhancing minimal wear and tear on the bandsaw, this is definitely the best choice blade. It contains a brand boast that possesses speed capacities that are 60% more than that of a hook blade. It also cuts with minimal tension.

This blade has a large space where each inch of the blade has four teeth. This characteristic makes it suitable for a variety of functions. It effectively cross-cuts without utilizing the entire blade. It implies that the blade will stay secure from damages. With the silicon coating, the blade’s teeth remain sharp for a very long time. Very impressive!

Top features

  • Made of high silicon with low carbide
  • Thin-kerf blade with 0.025 inches thickness
  • Four teeth for each inch of the blade
  • Round pattern gullet
  • Brand boast to boost speed


  • Its quality is very high
  • Can operate under low tension
  • Excellent in resawing
  • Operates cooler and for a long time
  • Give a perfect cut using the thin kerf blade


  • Frequently becomes dull
  • Honing is very long


2. DEWALT DW3986C 14/18 TPI


You probably have seen small, portable and cordless bandsaws. Which blades do you think such type bandsaws use? Dewalt DW3986C is one of the blades suitable for such bandsaws. It is therefore very wise to know the size and type of your bandsaw before purchasing its blade. Don’t make a mistake of buying a blade that does not suit your bandsaw. You will have a lot of regrets later.

If you are one of the small bandsaw owners looking for a blade, today is your lucky day. We bring this blade to match your bandsaw. It is a multi-functional blade that helps you do all cutting activities. Dewalt DW3986C is made of cobalt. Cobalt allows them to resist wear, heat, and fatigue. It can, therefore, operate for a very long time.

It’s a high-quality product that makes you think for a second that it is a product worth a high price. It comes in 3-pack and is suitable for resawing thick, medium and thin gauge size materials. This is definitely the best blade for professional users. Dewalt DW3986C is produced by one of the best and trusted brands.

Top features

  • 8% of the blade is cobalt
  • Its backer is made of alloy steel for fatigue resistance
  • Edges made of steel for high speed
  • Tooth hardness is RC 65-67


  • It’s of high quality and performance
  • Resists heat and wear perfectly
  • The blade is long-lasting
  • It can be useful for many functions
  • It is perfect for professional purpose


  • Suitable for only small bandsaws


3. Mk Morse Zwep441418mc


MK Morse 1182-MKM 050326001182

Most woodworkers use portable bandsaw machines. Are you one of those and need a blade for your bandsaw? We recommend MK Morse ZWEP441418MC. Its content is mainly made of cobalt. This blade utilizes a very high speed to cut out pipe tubing. As a bandsaw user, you need a blade that offers different arrangements and widths. MK Morse ZWEP441418MC is the perfect blade for you.

You can rely on this blade for excellent performance and also durability. Its heat and shock resistance and fast cutting characteristic make it stand out between other blades. It contains 24 teeth giving a space of eight teeth for each inch of the blade. This blade helps you in massive cuts with many such teeth. The teeth are pitchy, wavy and standard.

The composition of this blade is cobalt, which is steel infused. Such form ensures that the blade lasts for a very long time. For this blade to minimize weak air pockets, it makes use of an electron ray. The ray makes the blade turn entirely during operation. If you use a blade sharpener, it is suitable for this blade.

Top features

  • The teeth set is wavy and pitchy
  • Cutting edges are matrix II
  • Cobalt infused with steel composition
  • Electron ray utilization
  • Eight teeth per inch of the blade


  • Consist of very high heat and shock resistance
  • Minimal vibration
  • Long-lasting blade
  • Can be used for multi-functions
  • Cuts heavily


  • Difficulty in cutting cardboard
  • Slower for 16 gauge metal
  • Suits only portable bandsaws


4. Olson SAW FB23193DB

Olson Saw FB23193DB

What do you think of a cheap and, at the same time, a high-performance blade? Incredible, right? Well, we have one here. Olson saw FB23193DB low price might give you doubts about buying it but take the risk and see how amazing it is. Having such a great price and productive results, you will never use any other type of blade in your bandsaw.

Olson saw FB23193DB is the best bandsaw for both professionals and beginners. This blade is multi-functional. It can be used for cutting plastic, softwood, and mild steel evenly. It doesn’t matter which model of bandsaw you are using as long as this blade size fits in your bandsaw. You don’t have to worry about the bandsaw’ model. It will generally work like any other blade.

Installation and use of this blade are very straightforward. It is, therefore, the best for starters. Although it makes minimal vibrations, this single blade can cut any type of hardwood. Vibrations occur after installation, but they are harmless. It ensures high-speed cutting and high accuracy for your woodwork projects. If it’s not now, it is right now! Get this blade that is the best option for resawing.

Top feature

  • Contains hook angled teeth
  • Three teeth for each inch of the blade
  • A thickness of 0.025 inches
  • It is made of cobalt


  • Its price is very affordable
  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • Straightforward installation  and use
  • Can be used as a multi-purpose blade
  • Can manage hefty duty resawing


  • Vibrates when used with thicker weld joints
  • Stretches very fast


5. Powertec 13117x Bandsaw Blade


We figured out that you want to get a bandsaw blade for resawing. Are you looking for a blade with consistent performance? Powertec 13117X is the best option bandsaw blade for resawing. This blade features very sharp teeth of hardness 64-66 RC. Its teeth have a regular profile and are in a raker set of ten teeth per inch of the blade.

This bandsaw blade composition is premium carbon steel of a very high grade. It also has weld and heat resistance characteristics. You can, therefore, do not doubt that this is a high-quality product. This blade is designed in such a way that it has an angled tooth arrangement. The arrangement enhances excellent cutting outcomes at a very high speed. I mean, this is all that a woodworker needs when doing projects.

Powertec 13117X bandsaw blade operates well with plastics, less strong metals, soft and also hardwoods. This blade’s material quality, which is premium, makes it special and unique. What you expect this blade can do, it will be exceeded by its performance. You will experience smoothness, straight cuts at high speed, and later perfect results.

Top features

  • Suitable for 14 and 12 inches bandsaws
  • Contains a raker set
  • Ten teeth per inch of the blade
  • Geometric teeth arrangement
  • Its composition is a premium carbon steel of high grade


  • The blade is very sharp
  • Provide excellent cut due to condensed teeth
  • Lower tension
  • Suitable for plastics, less strong metal, hard and softwood
  • Reliability in cutting capability


  • Less operational on some resawing projects


6. Imachinist S64514 Bi-metal Band Saw Blades

Imachinist S64514

Imachinist S64514 is a bandsaw blade from Imachinist. It is one of the best-rated bandsaw blades that can be useful for resawing. It is 64 ½ inches long with a 1/2 inches width and 0.025 inches thickness. This is the best blade for your bandsaw. This is especially if your bandsaw has a length of 64 ½ inches and a width of ½ inches.

The fact that Imachinist S64514 is also useful in resawing, it makes it even more likable. It has a space of fourteen teeth for each inch of the blade. Its teeth profile is fixed with a space of 1.8mm per tooth. This blade’s teeth are standard and are designed in such a way that they are in a 90 degrees position. The position of the teeth is also in a way that one is at the right — the other one at the left in a rightward direction.

This blade’s joints look very well. If you are looking for the perfect blade to cut soft metals, this type of blade is the best option. It is compatible with cutting profiles of thin pipe tunes. This blade will help you deal with a variety of cutting activities. Get yourself one!

Top features

  • Fourteen teeth for each inch of the blade
  • 64 ½, 1/2 and 0.025 inches long, wide, thick respectively
  • Fixed teeth profile
  • Raker set cut type
  • Rightward teeth direction


  • It is long-lasting
  • High-quality blade
  • The blade is very sharp


  • Difficult to operate on heavy-duty cuts


7. Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Band Saw Blade

Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Band Saw Blade

Who doesn’t like unique products? Well, you might as well get yourself a unique bandsaw blade, starret intenss pro-die. This blade is to make integrates a technology known as ‘intenss pro-die.’ Its tooth design is triple tampered M42 cobalt HSS. This combination in starret blade is essential to enhance abrasion, shock, and heat resistance. Now we are sure you understand why this bandsaw blade is outstanding.

The intenss pro-die technology makes it a multi-purpose blade. Therefore, this blade is ideal for cutting materials like aluminum, low alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, mold steel, die, nickel-based alloy, less strong metal, and other steel of hardness up to C45. Isn’t this the real deal bandsaw blade? You can also be sure that this is an excellent blade for resawing.

Starret intenss pro-die bandsaw blade has very minimal vibration and also noise. Do you know why? It is because its tooth pitch is variable. You don’t have to worry about the annoying sounds that some blades make. This blade has a raker set cutting technique to minimize clogging. If you were having doubts about which blade to get, just pick this and thank us later.

Top features

  • Utilizes intenss pro-die technology
  • Variable tooth pitch
  • Twelve teeth for each inch of the blade
  • Triple tampered M42 cobalt HSS tooth
  • Raker set cutting type


  • Ensures minimized clogging
  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • High performance in cutting activities
  • Shock, heat and abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal bandsaws


  • Difficult to use in ferrous metals operation


8. Supercut B56.875w14r24 Three Wheeler Bandsaw Blade

SuperCut B56.875W14R24

Supercut B56.875W14R24 blade ensures that you get a steady and effortless bandsaw cutting. It is 56 7/8 inches long, 1/4 inches wide and 0.014 inches thick. The blade’s thickness is 0.014 inches means that it is a bit thinner than other bandsaw blades. This thickness enables hold out against high speed and sharp flexing. This blade is very long-lasting, and it can be used on both three-wheeler and two-wheeler bandsaws.

This bandsaw blade is created from carbon tool steel. This explains its durability. It also possesses a high precision heat resistance. Supercut B56.875W14R24 blade has 24 teeth. That number of teeth makes it versatile and suitable for many models of bandsaws. It can also be used both for professional and home use. The exciting thing is that after many experiments, this bandsaw blade has proved to work perfectly in resawing operations.

If you want a blade perfect in cutting Plexiglas and aluminum, this is the best choice bandsaw blade. Its quality is also impressive. It also aids in handling off tracking that mainly happens with a thin and soft blade used on benchtop bandsaws.

Top features

  • Compatible with three wheels and two-wheel bandsaws
  • 56-7/8 inches long, 1/4 inches wide and 0.014 inches thick
  • 24 raker tooth
  • Six teeth for each inch of the blade
  • Carbon tool steel make


  • Can be used on both 3 and 2 wheel bandsaws
  • Its price is affordable
  • Cuts Plexiglas and aluminum perfectly
  • It is a versatile blade
  • Able to withstand high speed and sharp flexing


  • Wrong in cutting heavy metals


9. Milwaukee Tool 48-39-0539

Milwaukee 48-39-0539

Do you want to increase the performance of your bandsaw? Are you looking for a bandsaw blade that can help you achieve that? Well, we are always here when you need us. We bring you the Milwaukee tool 48-39-0539 blade to satisfy your desires. This bandsaw blade ensures accuracy when doing workshop operations. Do you still have doubts about which blade to get? Well, read till the end to know more about this blade.

Milwaukee tool 48-39-0539 bandsaw blade helps you make straight cuts in various types of materials. When searching for a bandsaw blade, everyone wants a blade that can cut through many materials. Then, this blade is not left out in that. This blade is capable of cutting through materials like a threaded rod, angle iron, conduit, pipe, and strut. Now you can understand how the Milwaukee tool 48-39-0539 bandsaw blade has fantastic deals for you.

In the long run, you will also notice that this blade is very durable. Therefore, prepare to work for a very long period with Milwaukee tool 48-39-0539. It is 35-3/8 inches long, 1/2 inches wide and 0.020 inches thick. The tooth of this blade is designed to form set and pitch to enhance accurate and straight cuts.

Top features

  • Alloy backing steel
  • High-speed steel
  • Compatible for 5/16 to ½ inch thick materials
  • It has 24 teeth
  • Teeth are precision formed


  • Durable bandsaw blade
  • Ensures quick cutting of a variety of materials
  • Its versatility is impressive
  • Comes in 3 pack
  • Gives straight and accurate cuts


  • Minimal length


10. Ayao Bandsaw Blades

AYAO Pack of 2 Durable Band Saw Blades

Ayao bandsaw blades are the perfect blade if you are dealing with woodwork projects. It is even better in resawing. Its length is 93 ½ inches and width 3/8 inches. They are suitable for a jet, steel city, Rikon, woodtek older sears craftsman grizzly, bridge wood, and 14 inches bandsaws Rockwell/delta. They are made through unique welding techniques.  This technique makes welding joints smoother and stronger.

Unlike most bandsaw blades, Ayao bandsaw blades are among the thinnest blades in the market. Smaller blades can withstand high speed and sharp flexing. With that, they cannot be easily broken. I guess you know what that means. Right? It means that this blade can last for a very long time. Come to think about it. How does it feel rushing to online stores now and then to look for a bandsaw blade? I know it is disappointing. Why then don’t you get Ayao blades that will make those hassles come to an end?

These bandsaw blades have six teeth per inch of blade. They are also blued to secure them from rusting. The teeth arrangement in these blades is racker type. The teeth arrangement is also even to promote high cutting performance. These blades can be used on PVC, aluminum, and wood.

Top features

  • Six teeth per inch
  • Raker set teeth arrangement
  • Thin blade
  • 93 ½ Inches long, 3/8 inches wide
  • Carbon steel make


  • Durable
  • High cutting performance
  • Hard to break
  • Rusting free


  • Less operational on strong metals


Best Bandsaw Blade For Resawing some Consideration –

If you are thinking of purchasing a bandsaw blade, let me be honest with you, it’s not just a matter of selection, pay in less than a minute activity. You have to dig extra hard and know a lot of things about bandsaw blades. This is because the different types there are in the market will confuse you. What then should you consider before purchasing?

Tooth pitch

The number of teeth for each inch of the blade is known as tooth pitch. If the amount number of teeth per inch is lower, it means that the blade is mighty. Lower pitch bandsaw blades cut materials quicker but make them rough, but higher pitch blade is slower but produces a smooth surface

Pitch type

There is two types of the pitch in a bandsaw blade; Variable and constant pitch. Fixed pitch blades have their teeth at an angled rake and are suitable for general cutting. Variable pitch blades have minimal noise and vibration during all types of cuts.

Width of the blade

Blades are either wide or narrow. Each of these blades is essential. Therefore determine what you want the blade to do for you. Then you will have a clear answer on which blade width to select. The wide blade is perfect for straight cuts. On the other hand, narrow blades are excellent for tight curves.

Type of the blade

Bandsaw blades are of different types, each with its specific purposes. Hook, rake, skip and standard are the kinds of blades in the market. For general and fast cutting, use hook blades but for clean cuts, use a rake, skip, and standard. Think about what you want to achieve and with that knowledge, and you will know the best type of blade to purchase.

The thickness of the blade

As you think about the width of the blade, also think about the other dimensions, blade thickness. If the blade is thick, its kerf is broad. Narrow kerf blades enhance faster and smoother cutting. If you are wise enough, you will choose a thin kerf blade.

Final Verdict

Not all bandsaw blades can be used for resawing. That is why we reviewed the ten blades as the best bandsaw blades for resawing. Think about the type of your bandsaw and what you want to achieve and let’s go blades shopping. If you follow the aspects to consider, you will get the perfect blade for your bandsaw. We guarantee you that these blades’ performance exceeds your expectations.

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