DEWALT Bare Tool DCS370B 18 Volt Cordless Band Saw Review

The DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B is a great tool in the Bandsaw industry. This cordless-electric power tool Superior balance and ergonomics help us to enjoy our work.

The DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Review

The DEWALT DCS370B 18 Volt Cordless Band Saw features a 2.5-inch cutting capacity that can perform cuts on the toughest materials, including threaded rods, conduit, and other metal materials, all the way up to 2-inch SCH-40 pipe. It has a glass-filled nylon base for durability, and its centered handle and integrated hanging hook create a balanced and portable machine.

DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw

Its soft-grip handle ensures less user fatigue and its state of the art blade tracking system means you change your blades without any other tools required. Its combined weight is under 10 pounds making it a lightweight and compact tool for those on the go.

The DEWALT DCS370B 18 Volt Cordless Band Saw box contains the 18-volt cordless band, operating instructions, blade tracking wrench, and The Blade Length 32-7/8 inches. The battery and charger are not included but can be purchased separately and provide up to 40 percent more running time than standard batteries.


  • The ideal companion for electricians, plumbers, and other contractors who work with heavy metals and need a reputable product to use on the go;
  • Can be easily taken on lifts and ladders for jobs and doesn’t cause fatigue when using for long periods;
  • The cordless capability means added safety from potential injuries with obtrusive cords
  • The DEWALT 18-volt portable band saw balances perfectly, thanks to the central handle design and allows for a smooth cut through most tough metals;


  • At 2 ½ inches, this tool doesn’t provide as deep of a cut as other portables which can get through up to 3 ¼ inches;
  • Is a little on the light side for some jobs which can take some getting used to, and doesn’t feel as heavy-duty as some of the comparable options;


For those who use their tool professionally and as part of their trade, the DEWALT DCS370B 18 Volt Cordless Band Saw is an amazing choice. It features a cordless and trouble-free tool that can be carried around on lifts and ladders, available whenever you need it.

Although lightweight, the machine is durable and stands by DEWALT’s sturdy reputation. It can take some getting used to the balance of the machine, but this will be to your benefit once you’ve gotten the hang of things.

The battery-operated option means you can use your tool for hours or days, depending on the strength of the battery you’re working with. It can be taken out to site for a whole week without needing charging, so it’s fantastic to just pick up and go.

It’s not capable of performing as deep of a cut as some of the other leading portables but should cover most metal cutting jobs as required. The portable band saw is a truly valuable and convenient power tool to keep at your side.

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