What You Should Know About Vertical Band Saws

When it comes to trades such as carpentry and general woodworking, the right tools and machines make all the difference. Chisels, drills, and sanders are all commonly used, but saws may be the most important.

There are numerous saws to choose from, each serving a different purpose — circular blade saws and hand saws are just a few examples. When it comes to any kind of cutting that requires precision and attention to detail, few are better than a vertical band saw.

What is a Vertical Band Saw?



While many saws rely on human power or come in the form of a circular blade, a vertical band saw uses a small stationary blade on a flat surface to provide a stable and precise cutting surface.

The blade on a vertical band saw is a continuous one, and features even, sharp teeth on the outside edge of the blade. Most band saws have wheels that are connected by either a belt or chain, each rotating in the same plane. One of the wheels is powered, which turns the other and causes the blades to move back and forth when turned on.

The saw blade comes up through a slot in the middle of the assembly’s flat working surface, providing the area in which to saw materials.

What is a Vertical Band Saw Used For, and What Are Its Benefits?

There are plenty of laws that can be used to cut large pieces of wood into smaller pieces. Vertical band saws can indeed accomplish this in many situations, but they are mainly used for smaller detailed cutting.

Wood projects that require curved and irregular shapes from cutting are benefit from vertical band saws. The blade’s size and setting allow for users to carefully and meticulously cut any kind of shape they desire, and with unmatched smoothness on the edges.

With vertical band saws, you have a much easier way to add even the smallest curves and details with your materials, and in a much more controlled way. The smooth operation of the blade allows smooth cutting without worrying about your materials being moved around by the blade’s force.

If you are making furniture such as chairs and stools, a vertical band saw is a must. The saw’s operation will save you hours of time, while also ensuring a better cut in the first place.

Although vertical band saws are often associated with woodworking, they can also be used to cut metal and even by butchers to cut large pieces of meat.

Horizontal Band Saws

Many vertical band saws have the option to switch to a horizontal band saw. This holds the blade in a horizontal and angled manner, wish can allow users to make long, even cuts in one direction, or at an angle.

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