3 Creative Uses For Your Band Saw

Band saws are the ideal tool for creating a range of amazing and versatile giftsdécor, and furniture. No matter your level of skill, there’s a creative way to put your band saw to use and hone your woodworking skills a little more.s

We’ve listed just a few project ideas that you can make with just your band saw and not much else, so why not give them a try? It might just open up a world of possibility for your favorite power tool, and motivate you to create your own special projects at home.

1. Band Saw Boxes

Band Saw Boxes

The band saw boxes have become a massive hit recently, and they’re a simple way to put your band saw to good use and improve your amateur woodworking skills. You can make a band saw the box with leftover stock in your workshop, which means a cheap but resourceful project. For a simple step-by-step guide to band saw boxes, check out Manmade DIY for the simple instructions.

2. Band Saw Taxidermy

Band Saw Taxidermy

The faux taxidermy craze has certainly caught on in the world of home décor, so why not follow the trend and create your own band saw taxidermy for your home? Your options are virtually endless in your choice of animals, and because it doesn’t have fur or eyes like genuine taxidermy it won’t scare away the children!

Your main tool will be a band saw, but you’ll also require a drill, some cardboard, sandpaper and whichever material you choose to work with. For an in-depth tutorial, head to the Instructables blog to find out more.

3. Storing Your Band Saw Blades Creatively

Storing Your Band Saw Blades Creatively

This article can not only give you some inspiration on what you can create with your saw, but this handy little tip on storing your band saw blades in your workshop. The band saw enthusiasts are no strangers to the dangers of handling blades, prone to uncoiling without warning, causing serious damage.

For a great storage idea, why not keep your coiled blades in binder clips and keep them on a pegboard. You can even apply labels to each binder with the size of your blade for added organization.


Woodworking is truly one of the great American art forms, and a band saw or portable band saw should be your tool of choice for producing long-lasting and meaningful creations.

These are just a few ways you can think outside the box and use your band saw creatively. Thanks to the durability and versatility of these band saws, there isn’t much they can’t do! Why not give one of these projects a try, or let your imagination run wild in creating your unique piece of furniture or a special gift for someone you know

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