DEWALT DWM120K 5-Inch Deep Portable Band Saw

In the Bandsaw industry, Dewalt DWM120k Bandsaw is one best portable band saw in the current time. The DEWALT deep cut portable band saw features a 10 Amp motor and 5-inch deep cut capacity for a powerful performance each and every time.

Dewalt DWM120k Bandsaw Reviews

DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw

This 10-amp motor is designed to take on the toughest materials and can perform a quick cut with ease. With the ability to perform at speeds from 100 to 350 square foot per minute, its variable speed dial can be adjusted to meet any of your requirements.

The portable power saw has a 5-inch cutting capacity with round stock and 5 x 4 3/4-inch cutting capacity for your rectangular stock. It features a blade tracking adjustment that allows you to align your blade for longer life, meaning less time and money changing blades.

Packed full of features that add to its user-friendliness, the DEWALT Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit offers an LED sight light, ergonomic grip selections, and a built-in hanging hook. It’s the ideal tool for the serious worker and provides all of the characteristics of a comfortable yet reliable power tool.


  • An oversized front handle makes it a breeze to handle this heavy-duty machine and reduce the chance of user fatigue or harsh abrasions;
  • It has one of the deeper cutting abilities than other portable hand saws on the market, so it’s a great machine for an allover use;
  • The DEWALT Deep Cut Portable Band Saw features durable construction that makes it more heavy-duty than most other portable band saws;
  • Its variable speed dial has such a great range that it cuts quickly and accurately through anything you feed it, and it’s located within reach while you operate the machine;


  • The case is a little lightweight for the product, and on some tries, it didn’t close correctly without effort;
  • As the saw is a little on the heavier side it can take some getting used to with regards to handling;


DEWALT certainly hasn’t disappointed with this portable band saw kit. It features amazing durability and power for its price range and would be a great power tool for anyone who works regularly with wood or metal.

The powerful blades cut through metal like butter, and its amazing 5-inch capacity puts it far ahead of some of the other comparable saws available. Thanks to its specialized variable speed setting, you can adjust its power while you’re on the job. These variable speeds make it a breeze when working through a range of different materials, and it never faulted at all.

The DEWALT kit comes with some other accessories and is priced roughly at just under $$$. At this price, the DEWALT 5 Inch Portable Band Saw shows the tremendous value for money.

Added extras such as the LED sight light and ergonomic grip selections made it so easy to handle and a treat to work with. This power tool is certainly a force to be reckoned with and would make a great addition to workshops that want something with versatility.

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