GRIZZLY G0622 4×6 Inch Metal Cutting Band Saw Review

The GRIZZLY G0622 4 x 6 Inch Metal Cutting Band Saw is the perfect addition to any metal cutting workshop. Its three cutting speeds and 4-1/2 inch round and 4-1/2-inch x 6-inch rectangular cutting capacity means it can cover most jobs required in a small workshop.

The Grizzly G0622 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw Review

Situated in the cheaper price range, this GRIZZLY band saw doesn’t skimp on quality. It has three distinct cutting speeds of 78, 108, and 180 FPM for versatility, automatic shutoff, and ball-bearing construction, so covers most of the features you’d expect to see in a more expensive power tool.

Grizzly G0622

With a vertical cutting attachment, it’s capable of so much more than your standard horizontal band saw. It features wheels and handles for portability, meaning it can move around your shop to wherever you need it. The 3/4HP, 110-volt motor gives it a powerful kick and it has a spring-loaded power tension which makes for much safer and ergonomic use.


  • Fantastic value for money with a superior motor and cutting capability to many other horizontal band saws on the market;
  • Its vertical cutting attachment means you won’t need to purchase an additional vertical band saw, so it’s’ a great space and money saver for your workshop;
  • This machine features an automatic shut off, so you can begin your cut and then leave it to do the reset. It’s a fantastic benefit for those with a busy workshop who need to feel confident they can leave their band saw to get the job done.


  • This machine is a little on the smaller side, and although easier to move around the shop it can also feel too lightweight at times;
  • On initial setup, the GRIZZLY G0622 4 x 6 Inch Metal Cutting Band Saw took some fine-tuning and has regularly required maintenance. Probably not ideal for an amateur metalworker as some knowledge is needed to get it right;

Grizzly G0622


The GRIZZLY G0622 4 x 6 Inch Metal Cutting Band Saw is best suited to a home workshop rather than a larger scale setup. Its 3-speed variable can perform cuts at either 78, 108, or 180 FPM so it’s quite versatile in the range of materials it can work with.

While setting up the machine, there was quite a bit of adjusting required to get it right, and once it had been in use for a while, required a fair bit of maintenance. Its lower end price range makes it an attractive choice for a horizontal band saw, and it proved to be great value for money thanks to all of its handy features.

Overall, the GRIZZLY G0622 4 x 6 Inch Metal Cutting Band Saw is the right choice for mid-range home workshops as it requires a bit of technical knowledge to use but sits about mid-range in its power and cutting abilities.

Thanks to the vertical cutting attachment, there’s no need to purchase an additional vertical band saw for your home shop, adding to its value for money. This power tool will certainly get the job done for those working in a small shop, and it won’t take up too much of your workspace either.

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